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Ajax Multi-Purpose Cleaner Oxy Lavender 1.9L

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Tough dirt removing power, Eliminates 99.9% bacteria Oxy Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Ajax Fabuloso Antibacterial effectively removes grease. Cleaning with Ajax kills 99.9% bacteria from your household surfaces leaving your floors and household surfaces clean and shiny, with 24 hours long lasting freshness*.
*Based on lab test with more concentrated usage Oxy Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Preparation and Usage Usage Instructions
For diluted use 1.5 capful + 1/2 pail
For more concentrated use 2.5 capful + 900ml
Stubborn Stains

Can be used on marble, tiles, parquet, terazzo, cement as well as countertops, cupboard interiors, tabletops, toilet bowls and linoleum.
Safety Warning PRECAUTION:
Dangerous if ingested
Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin
In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical attention
Do not re-use the bottle
May cause sensitization by skin contact
Wear suitable gloves

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