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  • KG Frozen Mixed Vegetables 500g

    Made better, made tastier, Halal - Shandong Islamic Association Frozen Mixed Vegetables


  • Wattie's New Zealand Mixed Veges 500g

    Superior tasting premium vegetables, Snap frozen to lock in goodness and taste, Non-GM varieties, No added salt, Halal - Fianz Approved Mixed Veges


  • Mascorn Frozen Mixed Vegetables 500g

    First in freshness, first in healthy!, Completely natural, No added flavouring, colour, preservatives or salt, Love healthy, Full original aroma, Non GMO, No color or preservative added, 100% fresh from farm, Rich in mineral & vitamin, Halal - Malaysia Frozen Mixed Vegetables


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  • Simplot Mixed Vegetables Peas, Carrots & Corn 500g

    Picked fresh and full of flavour, The good things are always simply good, No added flavours, colours or preservatives, Halal - Shan Dong Islamic Association Peas, Carrots & Corn Mixed Vegetables