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  • Pokka Cappuccino Real Brewed Coffee Drink 240ml

    From premium coffee beans, Halal - Malaysia Cappuccino Real Brewed Coffee Drink


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  • Pokka Jasmine Green Tea 0.5L

    Real brewed from selected green tea leaves, Singapore no. 1 RTD Tea, Natural tea goodness, No preservatives & colouring, Halal - Malaysia Jasmine Green Tea


  • Pokka Melon Milk Drink 1000ml

    Tasty fresh, Low fat, With real juice in real milk, ISO 9001 certified, HACCP certified, Halal - Malaysia Melon Milk Drink


  • Pokka Jasmine Green Tea 1 L

    100% real brewed, Natural antioxidants, No preservatives and colouring, Halal - Malaysia Jasmine Green Tea


  • Pokka Green Tea Jasmine 1.5L

    HACCP certified, Halal - Singapore Green Tea Jasmine


  • Pokka Oolong Tea 1.5L

    100% Real brewed premium tea leaves, No sugar, Singapore's No 1 ready-to-drink tea, Natural antioxidants, No preservatives & colouring, Healthier Choice Health Promotion Board, Halal - Singapore C2390 A robust balance of a rich, Roasted flavour and a distinctively smooth taste


  • Nestlé Milo Activ-Go 6 x 200ml

    Halal - Malaysia Activ-Go


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  • Nestlé Milo Activ-Go 4 x 200ml

    Halal - Malaysia Activ-Go


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  • Sosro Family Pack Tehbotol 1L

    Halal - Majelis Ulama Indonesia Tehbotol Family Pack


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  • Cameron Valley Tea Leaves 200g

    All Cameron orange pekoe teas selected for their character distinctive taste, Halal Malaysia Tea Leaves


  • Wonda Premium Coffee Mocha Milk Coffee Drink 240ml

    Tastes like just brewed, Contains more than 50% arabica coffee beans, Halal - Malaysia Mocha Milk Coffee Drink


  • Oishi Black Tea Lemon Drink 380ml

    Brewed from 100% organic tea leaves, Halal - Malaysia Black Tea Lemon Drink