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  • Ensure Complete Nutrition with FOS Powder Vanilla Flavour 850g

    Specially formulated, Unique vegetable oil blend, Contains omega 3, No trans fat, One serving size 230 Cal / 230 ml when mixed as directed, Halal Food Council of Europe Formula Dietary Food


  • Karihome Goat Whole Milk Powder 400g

    Suitable for older children and adults, Rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin B1, Halal - Processed Food, N.Z. Islamic Processed Food Management Dried Goat Whole Milk Powder


  • Anlene Gold High Calcium Low Fat Milk Powder Original 50+ Years 1Kg

    Expert in bone nutrition, With Fos-Inulin, zinc, calcium, vit. D, protein and magnesium, Halal - Malaysia Gold Susu Tepung Rendah Lemak


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  • Anlene Regular Milk Powder Original 1kg

    Expert in bone nutrition, Provides (with Fos-Inulin, calcium and vitamin D to help you keep bones strong, Halal - Malaysia Asli Kalsium Tinggi Susu Tepung Rendah Lemak 19 - 50 Tahun


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  • Anlene Chocolate Milk Powder 600g

    Expert in bone nutrition, Halal - Malaysia Chocolate Milk Powder


  • Anlene Gold Milk Powder 660g

    Expert in bone nutrition, Halal - Malaysia Gold Milk Powder


  • Wyeth Enercal Plus Vanilla 900g

    Nutritiously balanced formula, Nutrition to help stay active and energetic, 1.5 kcal/ml energy content, High in protein and vitamin C, Halal - Singapore


  • Anlene Concentrate Low Fat Fresh Milk 4 x 110ml

    Expert in bone nutrition, Low fat milk, Halal - Majelis Ulama Indonesia Concentrate Low Fat Fresh Milk