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  • Nestle Omega Plus Low Fat Milk Powder 600g

    Acticol is scientifically proven to lower cholesterol levels, One serving (31g) contains 122kcal Energy based on 2000kcal, Acticol helps lower cholesterol with added plant sterols, High in calcium, Omega 3:6, Low fat, Halal - Malaysia Low Fat Milk Powder


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  • Ensure Complete Nutrition with FOS Powder Vanilla Flavour 850g

    Specially formulated, Unique vegetable oil blend, Contains omega 3, No trans fat, One serving size 230 Cal / 230 ml when mixed as directed, Halal Food Council of Europe Formula Dietary Food


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  • Nespray Active Milk Powder 550g

    Protein, calcium, iron & 4 vitamins for daily nutrition, Halal - Malaysia Active Milk Powder


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  • Nestle Omega Plus Low Fat Milk Powder 1kg

    Acticol helps lower cholesterol, With added plant sterols, Halal - Malaysia Low Fat Milk Powder


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  • Karihome Goat Whole Milk Powder 400g

    Suitable for older children and adults, Rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin B1, Halal - Processed Food, N.Z. Islamic Processed Food Management Dried Goat Whole Milk Powder


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  • Fernleaf Nutritious Milk Powder Family 1.8kg

    Multi-vits + 5x DHA, With protein, iron and calcium, With vitamin A, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B12, Reduced fat, Halal - Malaysia Family Nutritious Milk Powder


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  • Fernleaf Instant Milk Powder 550g

    Sourced from natural good of New Zealand, Halal - Malaysia Instant Milk Powder


  • Fernleaf Full Cream Milk Powder 1.8kg

    Milk powder sourced from the natural goodness of New Zealand, From fernleaf institute, From New Zealand, Halal - Malaysia Full Cream Milk Powder


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  • Anlene Gold High Calcium Low Fat Milk Powder Original 50+ Years 1Kg

    Expert in bone nutrition, With Fos-Inulin, zinc, calcium, vit. D, protein and magnesium, Halal - Malaysia Gold Susu Tepung Rendah Lemak


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  • Anlene Asli 19 - 50 Tahun 1kg

    Expert in bone nutrition, Provides (with Fos-Inulin, calcium and vitamin D to help you keep bones strong, Halal - Malaysia Asli Kalsium Tinggi Susu Tepung Rendah Lemak 19 - 50 Tahun


  • Anlene High Calcium Low Fat Milk Powder Chocolate 19-50 Years 600g

    Expert in bone nutrition, Halal - Malaysia Chocolate Milk Powder


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  • Anlene Gold Milk Powder 660g

    Gold Milk Powder


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