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  • Polident Fresh Denture Adhesive Cream 60g

    Extra bite force, Helps seal out food, Cushions the gums, Extra hold, Enhances a well fitting denture, Easy to apply with ooze control tip, Halal - Indonesia Majelis Ulama Fresh Denture Adhesive Cream


  • Polident Fresh Active Denture Cleanser 36 Tab

    For a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture, Triplemint freshness, Express 5 minute, Microclean formula, Kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria to help freshen breath, Works in denture surface pores, Cleans in 5 minutes without scratching, Faster fresher clean, More effervescent action, Leaves dentures minty fresh Denture Cleanser 36 Tablets Denture Cleansing Tablets in Foil


  • Colgate Total Tartar Control Dental Floss 50m

    For improve mouth health, Slides easily between teeth without shredding Dental Floss


  • Darlie Crystal Soft

    V-shaped bristles, Broader brushing area, Crystal clear handle Crystal Soft


  • Systema Full Head Medium Soft Toothbrush

    Wider reach, easy clean, Superb inter-dental & gum-line clean, Bristles made from non animal origin Full Head Medium Soft Toothbrush


  • Darlie For Her Soft Toothbrush

    Soft Toothbrush


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  • Darlie For Her Medium Toothbrush

    Medium Toothbrush


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  • Darlie Charcoal Gold Dual-Ring Brush Head 3pcs



  • Colgate ZigZag Soft

    Deep interdental clean, Zigzag, Multi-angle cross-bristles, Soft tongue cleaner, Flexible neck ZigZag Soft


  • Colgate 360° Optic White Soft

    Compact head, Whitening cups, Polishing bristles, Cleans teeth, cheeks, tongue, gums 360° Optic White Soft


  • Colgate Twister Soft

    Multi dimensional clean, Twister bristle pattern, Curved-trim bristles, Twister tongue cleaner Twister Soft


  • Colgate 360° Whole Mouth Clean Medium Toothbrush

    Compact head, With tongue cleaner, Removes over 96% more bacteria, Cleans more than just teeth, Interdental bristles & cleaning tip, Polishing cups, Cleans: teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums 360° Whole Mouth Clean Medium Toothbrush