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  • Dolphin Clipper 2B Pencil Dol-CP2B 12Pcs

    Quality guarantee products, High quality blacklead 2B pencil for school, college, home & office, Dolphin clipper 2B - bigger lead for a longer-lasting pencil, Darker clipper 2B - easily read by objective sheet scanner, Prevention against lead and point breakage Clipper 2B Pencil


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  • Staedtler Pencil Noris Hexagonal 2B 120-0A50M MY 6 Packs

    High quality pencils, Unbelievably break-resistant, Easy to erase and sharpen, Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests, FSC 100%


  • Faber-Castell 12 Tri-Grip 2B Pencils

    Triangular shape, Examination pack, High quality pencils made with superior quality lead, OMR tested, Companion for life


  • Paper Mate 2B Exam Standard Pencil

    Dark shade, Exam grade, Strong lead to resist breakage and long lasting use


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  • Faber-Castell Blacklead Pencil 1323 (2B) 12 Pcs

    Companion for life, Hexagonal shape Blacklead Pencil


  • Paper Mate Stationery Junior Set SM40991937

    Quality stationery set, Suitable for primary 1 to 3


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  • Staedtler Noris The Original 2B Pencil Set 120-OS1BK602MY

    Efficient for ecology - certified wood pencils, High quality pencil from Germany for writing, drawing, sketching and computer scanning, Ideal for school and office use, Unbelievably break-resistant through special lead formulation and super-bonded lead


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